Essential Pilates:
This is a class for beginner to intermediate level participants.  Improve muscle tone through out the body while strengthening your abdominals.  An excellent class to burn calories and feel energized.

Core and Stretch:
The core will be challenged in this class along with the benefit of stretching your muscles and improving balance and posture.  This intermediate class will prepare that body for the beach.  You will feel toned and fit!

Pilates with Props:
In this class we will include the benefit of props to our Pilates work out.  Using weights, stability ball, foam rollers, and gliders, you can push yourself out of that comfort zone and into a fitter body.

Cardio Club:
One of the best ways to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular system is through brisk walking, jogging and running.  This type of exercise is very beneficial to your overall health and to your most important organ YOUR HEART! In this new class,
Cardio Club, we will hit the streets for 30 to 45 minutes of Cardio.  This is a wonderful way to jump start any fitness program.  All levels welcome, for Brisk Walks, Jogging or Running. Let’s get out there and get moving!

Pilates Boot Camp:
This class offers you a full body work out with the bonus of cardio conditioning.  This class consists of a warm up to stretch the body then intervals of strength and cardio.  The interval training targets major muscles throughout the entire body. Your class finishes with a head to toe stretch and you leave feeling completely energized.
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